Famous Landforms & Landmarks of El Salvador:

1. Ancient Mayan city of Tazumal, Santa Ana, El Salvador

There are many structures and artifacts left by the Ancient Mayan civilization still preserved today that you can observe at Tazumal. These include pyramids, ruins, and articles of these people. This is the one of the most important archaeological sites in this area.

2. San Salvador Volcano, San Salvador, El Salvador
The San Salvador Volcano has been responsible for creating turmoil throughout the history the city of San Salvador.
There was a large eruption from this volcano in 1917, and it destroyed most of the cities. The city of San Salvador is also prone to many earthquakes.

3. Playa El Cuco Beach, San Miguel, El Salvador
This beach is very famous for its volcanic black sand. You can catch some of the best waves in Central America at Playa El Cuco. Also, many tourists come here to just kick back and relax at this wonderful beach.

4. Santa Ana Volcano, Santa Ana, El Salvador
The Santa Ana Volcano is the biggest volcano out of many in El Salvador. At 7,749 feet, the Santa Ana Volcano is the highest point in the country.

5. Montecristo National Park, Northwestern El Salvador
Montecristo National Park is on the border of El Salvador and Honduras. In Montecristo National Park there are many volcanoes, along with a vast rainforest. This makes Montecristo National Park a great place to hike in. It is the only National Park in El Salvador, and is so large it takes up 0.5% of the entire country.

6. El Salvador's Rivers, El Salvador
There are over 300 rivers in El Salvador. They begin in the highlands, and empty out into the Pacific Ocean. The largest river in El Salvador is the Lempa River. It is 262.25 miles long.

7. Lake de Guija, Northwestern El Salvador
Lake De Guija is on the border with El Salvador and Guatemala. Lake De Guija is the highest navigable lake in El Salvador. It is also one of the largests lakes in El Salvador. Volcanoes and rainforests surround Lake De Guija.